PhD Program in Neural and Cognitive Sciences | NeCS

Labs and tools

  • Laboratories associated with the NESC PhD Program: Active Perception, Psychophysics of color, Spatial perception, Sleep, EEG, Eye Tracker, Sports psychology, Thought and decision-making, Infant observation, Cellular biophysics and neurobiology, Microtransplantation of membranes and cell cultures, Dynamics of Creativity, Acting Brain, University animal lab (research activity in animal and comparative psychology).

  • Library system: UniTS, University Library Service. In particular, the technical-scientific library ( with 121,697 books, the central medical library ( with 33,236 books and the San Giovanni Library (www. with 37,831 books. The main reference libraries have a total number of papers and current periodicals equal to 8525.

  • Databases: Doctoral students have access to a total of 80 databases, as well as to 200,000 e-books and 16,137 electronic periodicals. Editorial series made available by SBA (e.g., EBSCO e-book academic collection, Wiley online books); NILDE service.