26th - 27th October 2017


*Registration open*

Location: De Hemel, Franseplaats 1, 6511 VS, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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The Donders Discussions is an international, two-day Cognition and Neuroscience conference by and for PhD students. It takes place in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, home of the Donders Institute. Every year, we are hosting attendees from institutes both within and outside of the Netherlands. In this special 10th edition we will focus on the future of the neuroscience, in a multi-disciplinary approach, covering from molecules to behaviour. Every speaker is asked to present their work from this perspective, showing the trends in their respective fields. Check out our program here.

The 10th edition of Donders Discussions will take place on the 26th and 27th of October, at De Hemel, in Nijmegen. Sign up now and join us!


Poster presentation

If you would like to give a poster presentation at the Donders Discussion, you can do that by submitting a title and an abstract at the moment of your registration. More information will come soon.

Parallel Sessions

There are still some spots available for participating in our Parallel Sessions, as a speaker. Contact one of our moderators here, if your research match one of the themes proposed.

More information

Visit the following pages for more information about the DD2017:


If you have any further questions, please send an email to dondersdiscussions@donders.ru.nl
We are looking forward to seeing you in Nijmegen!

Donders Discussions Committee 2017

Angelica da Silva Lantyer | Dorien Maas | Laura Geurts | Lorijn Zaadnoordijk | Meron Vermaas | Mire Coll | Rosanne Ausems | Thomas Wolfers