PhD program in Molecular Biomedicine

Information on the admission exam

1. Submit your application using the University of Trieste website.
Read carefully the "bando", understand ALL requirements, fill ALL documents and forms, and pay the registration fee.

2. You will submit the following documents:

i) A concise but complete Curriculum Vitae, focusing on any research experience, and on degree thesis activity (including University graduation mark, and eventual publications and communications);

ii) A University degree certification with scores;

iii) An abstract of your degree Thesis (i.e. Master degree or comparable qualification). You must use the template “Thesis Abstract form” (it is
available in the section “Forms”). Failure to do so may lead to exclusion

If you are in the final stages of an ITALIAN undergraduate program you may apply, but you must graduate no later than October 31. In this case, you will submit an abstract of your ongoing research (i.e. your future Thesis).

iv) A self-presentation letter. Describe your objectives and the reasons why you want to be enrolled in this PhD program (in English);

v) Reference letters. You should obtain TWO letters of reference from previous supervisors or teachers. The letters must be uploaded on the ESSE3 platform by the reference person indicated by the candidate when applying. Deadline for uploading reference letters is indicated in the "bando".

3. Upload all required material through the on-line interface, NOT LATER than the deadline indicated on the "bando". It is highly recommended to upload the material IN ADVANCE.

4. The exam is an INTERVIEW.
Candidates will discuss their previous research experiences, as well as some general subjects pertinent to molecular medicine. Interviewers will evaluate the background of the candidates, their past experience, and their attitute towards scientific research and the experimental approach. In particular, interviewers will try to establish the real committment of the candidates to pursue a career in Biomedical Science. Working knowledge of English will be verified.

5. You MUST be aware of the projects available and decide beforehand which laboratories you would like to work in, if you are admitted to the program. This information will be asked during interviews.

6. Applicants are encouraged to contact in advance any preferred supervisors, to obtain better information on the labs and research projects.